"Making Room for a Miracle"

It was about a year ago that I spoke with my Bishop. He asked why we did'nt have kids and I told him our painful story of infertility. I told him that we really wanted kids, but that the Lord had not yet blessed us with our hearts desire. We spoke about adoption, which we had often spoke of before, but never made real efforts to begin the adoption process. I'll never forget what he told me. "Make Room for a Miracle." I was pierced, though we wanted children we were'nt taking affirmative steps to help the Lord help us. Our home already had two empty bedrooms, and our hearts had all the room in the world for our first child, but this was about taking steps that would allow the Lord to help us create our dream family. I went home and spoke with my loving wife Kellie and we decided to make room for a miracle in our lives. We contacted LDS Family services the next day and soon we had our thick adoption application packet in hand. Fingerprints, background checks, interviews, 10+ hours of training, chemical storage arrangements, shop safety investments and or course those two industrial sized fire extinguisher's mounted to our walls. We were finally ready for our home inspection. We were interviewed privately and together and all of our preparations were checked and approved. Our case worker advised us before she left that she was going to recommend us for adoption and that she thought we will make great parents! What a relief, we had little reason to suspect this would not be the outcome but this is our first time and you can never really know what to expect. The inspector's report is due at LDS Family Services any day now. Our approval is imminent! We are making room for a miracle.

Thanks for listening,