My Second Touch Screen Juke Box

From Blog Post 7/10/2008

I no sooner finished my first touch-screen jukebox than my in-laws wanted me to build one for them.  They found a jukebox shaped entertainment center for the start, so most of the hard work was already done.

I put the bose speakers from my first jukebox in the cabinet through the floor by removing the lower drawer and cabinet.

I created a speaker grill for the front and painted one of the included glass shelfs black for the top of the speaker area.
i recessed a 15 inch ELO touchpanel into the existing slideout shelf.
I reused the body of the lower shelf to conceal the back of the touchscreen.  i then added an oak filler panel.

and stained it to match.   The juke is currently powered by a Dell laptop.  I'm planning on replacing this with a motherboard as the laptop gets too hot.  I plan to strip down a dell CPU and work it into the same area as the touchscreen and vent it out the back.  This is the project for this weekend.  The amplifier is a Yamaha home theatre receiver with 100W X5 (Only using left and Right for now).  I should have more pics this weekend.

Future plans include a semi-circular Marquee in the door and some kind of lighting effects.  looking for ideas about custom lighting tricks.  One idea i've had is to light the back edge of the top glass shelf with LEDs.  I cut a channel in the back of the juke to slide the top shelf into an area where it could'nt go otherwise.  With the garage door open and the bright Vegas sun I discovered the light was channelling through the glass and looked real nice.  So that effect was quite by accident.  Anyways please post your ideas to finish off this jukebox.  One thought I had was to take it to a neon sign shop and have a tombstone shaped neon light created to surround the door.  (there is not a lot of room there, but It could work.  Expecially if the neon tubing was thin.  Does anyone have any idea how much that would cost?  I'm way under budget so could afford $200-$300 fot the neon.  I also considered putting a zillion LED's with an LED wiz in the same area, but that would be a lot of work.  What do you guys think? 


More Progress, I may be done. I replaced the laptop with a Dell 2.4 Dimension 2400.  The laptop got too hot and the PC fit the space requirements better because it resides in the same space as the monitor.  Added cooling.  You can't really see the lighting effects.  Blue Cold Cathodes are placed directly behind the glass that holds the reciever.  More Blue Cold Cathodes reside in the PC area and through a plastic lens out to the front.  A blue LED fan was placed at the top to vent the heat.  The fan and rear cold cathodes are exposed to the rear wall for backlighting effect as well.  Cut a plexi half circle and added a the door.  I think the cooling will be adequate between the cpu fan power supply fan and top fan there is quite a bit of air moving.  The top fan is speed adjustable so I can crank it up if it gets hot.  I added an arcade button on the rear