Oregon Ducks Arcade

From Blog Post 5/1/2008 This arcade was build for my in-laws and resides in their Oregon Ducks Themed game room.

My wife left town last weekend and left me to my own devices.  So what did I do?  Ran out a bought a cab to Mame obviously.  I rushed to get basic construction, painting and control panel prep done before she returned in 24 hours.  This is my third cabinet.  She took the camera and broke it, so all I have is the before photos to post for now.

The CP is hinged which is real cool I might have to do that to my next scratch build.  Although after this I'm already planning a juke.  At any rate the theme is Oregon Duck Football.  Just cause I always wanted to do one.

Found my old camera, still works!

Walmart screwed me on the paint.  Cheap enough but two cans of the same color are'nt the same shade.  Too bad it took so many coats so i had to paint the CP with the second can.  Not sure how I'll fix that yet.  Perhaps buy yet another can of paint.


New Pics!!!

I'm still unhappy with the bezel so I'll try again.  Third times the charm.


Well I finished the Oregon arcade tonight by redoing the Bezel a third time, and mounting the Marquees.  Here are the final pics.