Catching up with the Family

We recently had a family reunion for my side of the family. There were 17 attendees in all. This included my mother and step-father. My sister and her family, as well as my brother and his family including his first grandchild. We met in Klamath Falls Oregon which is central for the family spread across Oregon, Idaho and Nevada we rented 3 time-share units at the World Mark resort which is located with-in the Running Y Ranch.
The resort was beautiful and overlooked a golf course and had the large trees and awesome scenery you would expect from Oregon.
On one of the days we took a side trip to Crater Lake. It was amazing to see how blue the water is, a computer monitor just cannot do it justice. We had a nice picnic lunch that we had brought with us. There was even a little snow on the ground.

It was nice to get away from the 100+ heat and brown of Vegas, to the green and cool of Oregon. Unfortunately, it rained the first three days we were there, but even that was a treat as we used to live in Oregon and it was like old home week.
Just a pretty stream we saw.

Right off our back porch.

The greenery is so nice in Oregon.

 The temperature was cool but comfortable in the mid 60's and the resort had an indoor swimming pool where we swam and played as a family. The rest of the week in got in to the low 90's.
One of the days we went to a beautiful lake where we rented a boat and took a group fishing. We caught two fish one was 11" and the other 15". They cleaned and cooked the fish, which I was glad I did not have to participate in.
Austin and Sterling with the catch of the day.
It was great to see the family again and were already planning a similar get-together for next year in Idaho near Yellowstone National Park!