Monster Truck Show / Settling into our new home

Wow have we been busy. We moved into our house in Mid-February and havent stopped since. The house is almost ready and we just invited our case worker to come certify our new home. This past weekend we went to a monster truck show here in las vegas, not just any show it is the biggest one on the planet and we went to two of the three days. 
Kellie's Dad is such a ham!

The first day was about racing where the trucks enter the stadium and accellerate to 70MPH and then slam on the brakes and make a tight turn and go over a big jump accross a finish line.

Notice the Zombie Arms! Hilarious!

The second day the course is changed into an obstacle course and trucks compete via judges as to who puts on a better show.

Here is the winning truck's performance to give you an idea of how it went. The sound is bad because we were right in front of the speakers and it was so loud we had ear protection on all night. Seriously, turn the volume off! Watch the start closely because this driver had a very impressive start!

We had a great time and the kids that were there really enjoyed it. This is the type of thing we hope to share with our kids someday. (With lots of hearing protection.) Extra thanks to Kellie's Mom who gave us the tickets for Christmas!